Headin' Home

Hailing from the highlands of Western Connecticut, Father-Daughter duo Headin' Home (Dan Hedden on guitar/vocals and Christine Hedden on fiddle) creates a joyous sound, flowing easily from their love of sharing music together. Their repertoire draws upon New England folk music and Irish traditions, as well as American singer/songwriters and original tunes. In June 2013, they released their debut album "The Baker's Dozen" and are looking forward to a second album soon!


We are Nadine Dyskant-Miller (flute and feet), Christine Hedden (fiddles), Tanner Porter (cello and voice) and Annika Socolofsky (fiddle, mandolins, and voice). We are all composers, students and graduates of the music composition department at the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre and Dance. As artists working and writing in the new music scene, we share an affinity for exploring sounds beyond traditional music’s normal aesthetic. While firmly grounded in tradition and cultural context, we also believe that traditions evolve and shape themselves to the present. And while our collaboration as Ensoleil is suffused with this creative energy, it is also driven by our love of the sounds and stories of traditional music, and the multiple lenses our diverse roots offer in approaching tradition.