List of Works


Title (Year Composed) Instrumentation [duration]

*designates commissioned work




A Thaisce, Riamh: Concerto for Fídíl and Orchestra (2015) [9 minutes]

Narin: At the Changing of the Tide (2012) [6 minutes]


Chamber Music


Cuimhne (2019) for string Quartet [5 minutes]*

Tine (2017) for tenor and baritone saxophone [3 minutes]*

Luisne (2017) for violin and violincello [5 minutes]

Luisne created under the aegis of the inaugural Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy for New Music 2017

Known (2016) for voice, violin, cello, clarinets, saxophones, piano and percussion [12 minutes]

Now (2016) for two fiddles, flute, cello, foot percussion and voices [5 minutes]

 Anam Cara (2016) for violin and cello [7 minutes]*

An Daingean (2016) for saxophone quartet [4 minutes]

Kitchen Dance (2015) for improvisers and electronics [5:25 minutes] 

Solas (2014) for voice, flute, cello and percussion [3:33 minutes]

Amhrán na Cásca (2014) for soprano saxophone and harp [3:14 minutes]*

Orion (2014) for flute, cello and piano [5:13 minutes]

Mo Chara (2014) for two fiddles [3:50 minutes]

Adoremus (2013) for viola and cello [6 minutes]


Solo Instruments


Ivory Bones (2018) for bass and voice [6 minutes]*

Prayer Flags (2015) for viola and electronics [6 minutes]

Morning Litany (2014) for solo soprano saxophone [5:43 minutes]


Traditional-Style Tunes


Cunnigar Blackberries  (2018) Jig

Kellogg Street Peaches  (2017) Jig

Jenn’s Wedding Suite (2016) Waltz, Air

Under the Accordion (2016) Reel

Between Me and You  (2016) Reel

Suite for Caoimhín  (2016) Waltz, Jig, Reel

Like Wind (2015) Air

Lady Annika (2015) Crooked Reel

Elixir of Life (2015) Crooked Jig

Slip in the Mud (2015) Crooked Slip Jig

A Thaisce (2014) Air

Anfa (2014) Crooked Reel

Rainwater’s (2014) Reel

A Waltz, from Far Away (2014) Waltz

As Close as Far Can Come (2014) Jig

Annika’s Waltz (2013)

A Prayer for My Pappa (2013) Waltz

The Huron (2013) Jig

Planxty Angela (2013) Waltz/Air

Johnny Griffith’s (2013) Reel

The Firefly: Lucy’s Smile (2012) Jig

The Spinning Song (2011)

Colleen’s Reel (2008) Reel


Folk Songs


All We Have (2017)

Ivory Bones (2017)

The Tempest (2016)

The Druid (2016)

Downriver (2015)

When the Aster Blooms (2015)